How can be used the trolley?

The transfusio-therm 2000 weighs around 70 kg, so the substructure should offer the right load capacity. In order to achieve proper cooling, the tt2000 should stand freely all around (spacers on the back of the device).

Safe, flexible use of the device can only be guaranteed if it is on a trolley designed for this purpose. We therefore offer a trolley with a calculated tilting moment and a screw lock especially for the transfusio-therm 2000.

Heating drawer

Technical data

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  infusio-therm textil-therm
Voltage: 230 V
Power frequency: 50 Hz

Rated capacity:

200 W
Conservation performance: in continuous operation approx 25 W
by 22 °C room temperature
Fuse: 1,6 AT
Set temperature: 50 Hz
Temperature fuse: 45°C electronic 65°C electronic
MPG – Classification: Class 1
Protection class:  I, CF