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When it comes to human lives, every second counts!

Blood and plasma products are essential for most surgeries and diseases. The vital substance is required in both emergencies and planned interventions. In addition to well-trained staff, medical calibration departments need the right equipment to be able to act quickly at crucial moments. 

We, EICMED GmbH, have specialized in the quick thawing and warming of erythrocyte concentrates and preserved plasma.

Time saves life!

The system that has been on the market since 2000, the transfusio-therm 2000, uses the advantages of microwave energy.

With the successor product transfusio-therm 3000, we want to maintain the benefit of rapid availability and face the increasing demands of the market.

Above all, this aspect makes us an important partner of the emergency department.

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             Real time temperature display                                   with hotspot-detection


                    Simple operating concept


                         No consumables


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