How can be used the transfusio-therm 2000?

Fast, controlled and reliable

The blood bottles  are heated by high frequency.

The device is designed to accommodate 3 units of blood. The temperature is constantly monitored during heating. When the target temperature is reached, there is an optical and acoustic signal.

The device can be used to thaw and heat FFP (blood plasma) and EK (erythrocyte concentrates) up to a maximum bag size of 600ml. In order to ensure homogeneous heating, the three units of blood are mixed during the process.

 If errors or deviations in the process are detected by the safety- and protection systems, these are also displayed on the control unit and signaled acoustically.

An easy-to-understand operating concept is the basis for high process reliability.


Blood and erythrocyte concentrates
Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP)

The advantages of the transfusio-therm 2000

Technical data

Voltage:230 V
Power frequency:50 Hz
Fuse:10 AT
Type of heating:Microwave 2.450 MHz
Set temperature:30°C+/- 4°C; 37°C +1°/-4°C
MDR-classification:Class I
Dimensions:460mm x 680mm x 540mm

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